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Rhinestone Apparel Cleaning Instructions:


1)      Turn garment inside out and wash in cold or warm water on gentle cycle.


2)      Wash with light weight garments.


3)      If using a dryer, always use low heat or air dry. Allow to cool before turning right side out.  If a rhinestone does come off or becomes loose, you can reapply using your household iron (no steam), Kandi Kane wand or Bejeweler.


4)      Some prefer air drying or only partially dryer drying, then removing to finish by air drying. 


5)      If you want to press your garment after laundering, remember not use a hot iron on the design or jeweled area after it has been applied to the garment.  The glue is reactivated with heat of a hot iron and this can cause the rhinestones to move and/or fall off.



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