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~ Rhinestone Window Decals ~

We are offering an exciting new product!  Rhinestone window car decals.  These are awesome and are VERY popular with sports and cheer programs! Contact us about getting your school, team, squad or league dazzling their cars with these sparkling decals.

These can even be used for bedroom or bathroom mirrors and even on cell phones.

We recommend to hand wash your car, soft touch car washes will shorten the life of the decal, as it may knock stones off.  Brush car washes are not recommended.
Application Instructions:

You need the following materials to install your decal: glass cleaner, paper towels, water in a spray bottle.
  1. Thoroughly clean glass with a glass cleaner. Make sure the area is clean, dry, and lint free.
  2. Carefully remove your rhinestone decal from the backing. You can do this by gently bending the backing away from the decal as you grab it. Do this slowly and carefully making sure the sticky part decal does not fold over on itself and become stuck.
  3. For larger decals, cut half of the backing off.  Position your decal using the exposed half and then slowly peel the other half of the backing off.
  4. Place the rhinestone decal adhesive surface down on the window and smooth in place using your fingers in the desired location.  Do not rub hard.
This is a one time use decal so if you will not be able to reposition it after applied.  Not for use on retractable windows, windshields or in the path of the wiper.  Recommended for glass surfaces only.

Cheerleader Car Window Decal
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Cheerleader Car Window Decal

Rhinestone Window Car Decals

Love cheer?  Then this window car decal will show your love for cheer!  Dress up your mirror in your room or even your cell phone.  Perfect for Mom and her cheerleader!

Please contact us if you have a booster club that would like to carry car window decals.  We offer quantity discounts to booster programs.
Granite Bay Grizzlies Rhinestone Window Car DecalGranite Bay Grizzlies Rhinestone Window Car Decal
Click image for detail

Granite Bay Grizzlies Rhinestone Window Car Decal


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